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To Know You

To know you is to love you. To see you again is to want to fuck you.

So, of course, now you see my dilemma.


To know you is to love you. To see you again is to want to fuck you.

So, of course, now you see my dilemma.

I --

I like the madcrazyanxious butterflies that are ripping up my stomach as I finally summon the balls to call you and sit through the horribly cold and endless ring of your phone. And your voicemail, your voicemail fucking kills. There is this split second when I think my heart's going to implode because you've picked up and began talking in that disarming leisurely manner of yours (hey, you -- stop leaving messages in that smooth, conversational tone of yours on your voicemail. so not cool).

I've resolved for the fifth time this week not to call you. I can't take our conversations. I smile much too much just listening to you. My face hurts.

I enjoy how you stroll casually through name after name of friend/acquaintance/has-been that we knew of together and that you know of expertly like the back of your hand. How so-and-so exceeded everyone's expectations as a former stoner and now works diligently placing orphaned kids in homes. How you and old-dude hook up every so often with members-of-the-peanut-gallery and suddenly spring in on one of your fellow lost-boys and make an impromptu vacation of it. How you still manage to find that time to trudge up and down a soccer field every Sunday with your-closest-bro and talk about this-and-that.

[...to be cont...]

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Not quite sure what this is . . . supposed to be a short story?

Need to read more before I can form an opinion.
My mind begin writing this as I was musing on some thoughts.
Me likee... more?
Yes, there shall be more, once I manage to calm my whirling thoughts long enough to think straight ^_^
...and I mean that in *at a sudden lose of words*

Okay, so I'm not into girls like that but your writings, well I've made my feelings on that subject quite known! Now when is my boy, Draco?
Actually, this is about me. Life in progress.