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So the question is...

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* How Pervy Are You? *

Below is a series of scientifically crafted questions to determine just how pervy you are. Answer Truthfully!

Copy, paste and highlight your choices in bold type and post to get the results. See how you rate on the PervPoll! Rupert, Dan, Jason, Tom, Alan -- use the subject prompt and tell us which is the lust of your life.

Link this entry to your friends and grandmothers ('cause if that's not a pervy old lady for ya, we don't know what is) so they can get their results to this enlightening quiz. ^_^


You've caught yourself staring at and fantasizing about boys nearly half your age.
* You immediately hopped on the net to find out who else shared your perversion.
* You secretly giggled when you heard other ladies perv, but never joined in.
* You buried your guilt with instant denial and rationalized that your feelings are wrong.

You've actually salivated over a particularly delicious pik.
* You gave his cheek a chaste and modest peck.
* You giggled while giving those moist still-life lips a full kiss.
* You put some tongue into it -- and you've got a damp paper and a spit-streaked screen to prove it.

You've rehearshed what you would say should you ever happen to meet said stud.
* "It's great to finally meet you!"
* "Wow. That's quite a grip you got there, tiger."
* "I'm your biggest fan -- I've seen all your work!!"

You've heard someone say something derrogatory about the one you lust.
* You silently chalk it up to their ignorance because it's a petty thing to fight over.
* You go into full Counter-Attack Mode and launch a defensive strike.
* You ease into a conversation and use your stunning debate skills to try to smoothly win them over.

You -- and very pissed off significant other -- heard the Other Man's name slip from your lips while in bed.
* You came on a powerful wave of ecstasy -- and a vivid image of your sweaty fantasy lover.
* You knew very well what you were doing and was trying to push buttons.
* It was just a simple, harmless dream -- though there was nothing simple nor harmless about it.

You've started relationships based on how similiar he looked to your dreamboat.
* That's how we struck up an aquaintance. I asked if he'd ever had anyone tell him that he looked just like So-and-So.
* Well, more like So-and-So's third cousin twice removed -- and I was actually attracted more to his personality.
* I asked him if he knew who I was. When he answered no, I asked him if he'd like to know what he was missing.

You've woken up all a-tingle and with no one to share it with.
* You took a quick, cold and distracting shower.
* You took a long, hot and vigorously engrossing shower.
* Your friend Bob (battery operated boyfriend) suddenly dropped by.

You've caught yourself doodling when you should be hard at work.
* You drew your name and his in hearts and made smiley faces.
* You found one daydream led to another -- and suddenly you've got five new hyphenated last names.
* You started a list of precious boy and girl names for your imaginery kids.

You've been busted by your significant other for having files chock full of boytoy pix.
* You smile and coyly ask, "Feel threatened much?"
* You laugh and reassure him that he's the only one.
* You get indignant and bring up the Playboys stashed not too discreetly under the bed.

You've wondered what you would change about your dreamguy if given the chance.
* Trivial things: his hairstyle, clothing, grooming.
* Nothing. He's 100% absolutely perfect. I wouldn't change a thing.
* His age. His name. His place of residency.

You've gone to see your studs newest flick.
* You sit in the very front row, so that you will be able to hump the screen at just the right moment.
* You smile to yourself everytime the boy has screen time.
* You cat call, whistle, and generally annoy those around you.

You've figured out the perfect fantasy scenario for the two of you.
* Warm sunshine dancing in his hair as you picnic in a lush green field.
* Satin sheets tickling your skin as he places kisses all over you.
* Cool water lapping your bodies as he pounds you mercilessly after a quick skinny dip.

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-- Remember to post your answers for results! --

(Potter Parade O' Meat: SPOILERS AHOY!)
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